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The Magic

When it comes to your function, I'll mix and mingle effortlessly with your guests, using my unique style of magic to astound, amuse and bewilder.

Have you ever seen magic performed using banknotes, wedding rings, sugar and playing cards to create seemingly impossible feats of body and mind?  

Probably not, but please give my magic a try. It all happens within inches of your audience's eyes, leaving them totally baffled, truly entertained and talking about your it for months to come!

Here are just a few of my favourite effects, which you'll see if you ask me to perform close up sleight of hand magic at your event:


The Ring Trick -  This is my signature effect.

I borrow a ring and with a wave of my hand, it vanishes, right in front of your guests' eyes.

My hands stay within view the whole time, yet the ring miraculously appears secured tightly to a clip on my car keys key ring, in my back pocket.

Then, watch again as it disappears once more, but this time, for the grand finale the ring re-appears inside a SEALED envelope, inside a zipped pocket, in my wallet, in my inner jacket pocket!

Ring Trick


The Money Thing

I can do some truly amazing things with bank notes turn them inside out for example, or change them into different currencies or denominations.

 I can even tear one up and restore it.   All this, right in front of your eyes!

Photo courtesy of

Magic with money - bank note magic

"David is totally awesome! Such a talented and clever man, he entertained the guests at my 50th birthday party to the extent where all anybody could talk about afterwards was him!! 'How did he do that?...' seemed to be the question everyone was asking. We were utterly amazed at what he did. If you never book anyone else in your life, book this man for your special occasion and you will remember it forever. I can't thank him enough for making my birthday extra 'magical'."


Mind Reading - I'm not just a master sleight of hand magician, but also a master 'sleight of mind' magician.

If you've seen Derren Brown on TV, you'll have an idea of what I'm capable of, because I have a whole repertoire of similar mind reading and thought control effects. The difference is, everything happens in front of your eyes and not a camera in sight!

Incredible effects, such as:

predicting the order of a pack of playing cards that has just been shuffled;
successfully thinking of the same word, colour or object that someone is thinking of;
naming a playing card that is being looked at whilst I look away;
drawing the same picture that someone has just drawn, even though I can't possibly have seen it;
plus many, many other truly mind boggling feats of the mind!

Mind Reading Magician


"We were looking for a magician to entertain us and our guests at our wedding. David kindly came to our home to give us a demonstration of the kind of magic he would perform.
This was fantastic and we knew straight away we had to book him!
On the day he was on time, well presented, always smiling, and very polite and courteous to all. So many guests have commented to us how much they enjoyed the magic and how good David is!
There were gasps of disbelief, astounded guests so impressed by the amazing effects, including myself and my husband! David was a real talking point for the day and everyone was impressed. David is an excellent magician, a great entertainer and a nice guy. There was a very loud cheer as he waved goodbye to the room, and that said it all! I would recommend him to anyone for their wedding or event. Thanks David."

Pick Pocketing

Watch Steal and Pick Pocketing
Keep an eye on your watch, your wallet and even your tie when I'm around one of them might just disappear!



The Sugar Trick - This is an effect that to my knowledge, no other magicians performs.

With this effect, I borrow a spectator's banknote, roll it into a cone shape and fold the end over. I then pour the entire contents of a sachet of sugar into it, but when the banknote is unravelled, the sugar has vanished!

The spectator then examines the banknote which I then roll up again and, miraculously, the sugar pours out.

I then pour the sugar back into the spectator's hand, and they then squeeze their hand and the sugar transforms into a sugar cube.

The spectator is asked to examine the sugar cube, then asked to squeeze the cube which then transforms back to sugar granules.

Then, the spectator tears up the sugar sachet. I take the sugar and the sachet pieces and with a swift wave of the hand, restore the sugar back to it's previous form in the restored packet apart from the matching corner of the packet, which will have been in the spectator's hand the entire time!

Sugar Trick


Fancy a Tipple?

With this effect, I conjure a bottle from thin air and then proceed to visibly 'melt' it through the table!!
Then for the finale, I'll make one of your coins visibly penetrate through the bottom of the bottle.  You'll see the coin inside, and it's even too big to fit through the opening at the top.

Bottle Production

"We asked David to perform at our staff Christmas drinks party and were truly astounded by his amazing effects. He is a terrific magician and everyone enjoyed the evening - it definitely was the talking point the following day! David was very smartly dressed for the occasion and came over as a true professional. We most definitely would recommend him to all."


The World Famous Linking Rings

I remember seeing both David Nixon and Paul Daniels doing this effect when I was very young.

They used to take these large silver rings and with a swift magical move, impossibly link them together and then unlink them.  I was hypnotised and enthralled and it was a childhood dream to learn this traditional effect.

But this is a stage effect with very large rings.  So I have adapted the effect to the close up magic environment that I work in, not with big silver rings, but small 6 inch brass ones.  This is one not to be missed!

The Linking Rings Trick



"Thank you so much for the brilliant entertainment David - every single thank you letter we have had has commented on how amazing you were and how much people enjoyed your special brand of magic. You made it a very memorable 21st party for Alex and we are really grateful for your skill and professionalism. We found you through a recommendation and many of our guests have asked for your contact details. We are sure you will continue to intrigue and delight people wherever you appear!"

Spoon and Fork Bending

Uri Gellar? ....I go one step further and have spectators actually bend and twist the forks and spoons themselves. They've absolutely no idea how, but they are, with their own hands!

The spectator becomes the Magician but please don't ask for the 'sick' ending unless you have a very strong stomach!

Spoon and Fork Bending


Playing Cards - I'm a master Card Shark!

Signed cards, shuffled into the pack, will appear in all sorts of mind-boggling places - in a wallet that you were holding, in my mouth, under YOUR watch, on the ceiling, the other side of a glass window, and even folded up neatly in my shoe! 

In other effects, cards visually transform to other cards, poker and cheating demonstrations, mind reading with cards, you name it, I can do it with a pack of cards.

One of my personal favourites is where, as a hole punched into your signed card moves around the card and then jumps to another card ...yes a hole!!

Playing Card Magic - Card Shark Magician


Weird, Gory and Strange Magic

Whether it's making you believe that I've cut your finger right through to the bone with a Stanley knife and then somehow healed you or hammering a teaspoon into my head, I've got a scarily large repertoire of this kind of magic. 

For some strange reason it seems to go down uncannily well!!

Knife through the Finger Trick


"David's magic really made our wedding reception special and so different from others we have been to. The smiles and laughter on our guests faces made us so happy that we asked him to perform from us. He impressed our guests so much that many of them were asking for his number.

Thank you so much David, you made our day"


"Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the magic at our wedding. You were so BRILLIANT!! So many people have commented on how impressed they were and what a great idea it was. My little cousin who is 9 was so impressed that he is now constantly pestering his Mum to book you for his Birthday party "

Floating Objects

If you think the levitation of inanimate objects is impossible, think again!

And then ask me to come and perform.

This is not the typical David Blaine camera trick style effect.  I will borrow something of yours and actually make it float within inches of your eyes!

Levitation Tricks/Floating Objects



The above tricks and effects are just a small selection of my favourite magic effects, but there are many, many more. I've never actually counted how many I know, perhaps hundreds! perhaps more, each totally mind boggling and totally inexplicable.

After well over 25 years of practising and playing with magical and psychological  ideas and concepts, my knowledge has become so expansive that if you would like me to tailor my act to suit your requirements, just let me know and I'll do my very best to help.

Elastic Band Magic



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